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Innovative Volunteers MATTER August 25, 2016

The Innovative team had an amazing opportunity to partner with our 2016 Twins Double Plays for Charity recipient Matter, a nonprofit on a mission to expand access to health, next door and around the world. Our crew of volunteers engaged in a pathways tour and learned about the fantastic work Matter is doing to make our world a better place! We also participated in a friendly […]

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Do you have Plant Fiber in your Toilet Paper? April 13, 2016

A world leader in sustainability and strong facility supply partner, Kimberly-Clark is paving the way delivering innovative products to cultivate for future generations! Introducing GreenHarvest products, a truly innovative offering that incorporates plant-based rapidly renewable fiber, such as bamboo and wheat straw into Kleenex and Scott brand towel and tissue products. We live in a resource-constrained, digital […]

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Heart Healthy Programs at the Office February 22, 2016

February may be the shortest month on the calendar (it’s a day longer than normal during this leap year), but you probably see more hearts during the second month of the year than any other. That’s mostly because Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, and while we’re all for flowers and cards, we’d like to […]

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Announcing – Minnesota Football Program of the Year! January 12, 2016

In August, hundreds of football players laced up their cleats, put on their helmets and stepped foot on the field for pre-season. Winning the conference and playing in the state tournament was at the forefront for many determined athletes. But there is more to football than just a winning record, state titles and stellar uniforms. It’s about being a dedicated team that works hard. […]

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Air Dryers Blow October 14, 2015

You’re in a public bathroom and you’ve just finished washing your hands. You turn toward the door to go dry your hands and you’re faced with a jet air dryer and an automatic paper towel dispenser. What’s your move? Did you know that 80% of common infectious diseases are spread by our hands? Effective hand […]

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Be Healthy Together

Building a Healthy Workplace One Employee at a Time October 1, 2015

Welcome to fall! One of the things we like to brag about here in the Midwest, and especially in Minnesota, is how we not only get four distinct seasons, but how we hearty folk throw our arms around every single one of them. (Let’s all agree not to revisit that thought in late January, when […]

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5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Company September 2, 2015

So we all woke up Tuesday morning and it was September. How did that happen? Here in Minnesota, the State Fair is going on through Labor Day and kids are buying new back packs and all of the items that go inside it.With another page on the calendar turning over, September brings a new persona […]

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The Importance of Sleep – Productivity Series February 24, 2015

A crucial component of stellar productivity is proper sleeping habits. In this second installment of our Productivity Series – we focus on Sleep.

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The Importance of Nutrition – Productivity Series #1 | Innovative Office Solutions November 11, 2014

With the Holiday season just around the corner, we’re moving into “comfort food season”.  We’ll be the first to tell you that we love our comfort food.  Sure, it always “hits the spot” and we’re full for what feels like days afterwards, but what are we doing to our bodies – and how can we avoid […]

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And the Award Goes To…! | Innovative Office Solutions September 8, 2014

No, no, no this award isn’t about us – but about how we can help with your company awards and award ceremonies!  Any recognition is an incredible feeling for those giving and receiving the award. It’s just another awesome service we can provide to our even more awesome customers! At Innovative Office Solutions, we want to provide you with the […]

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Top 5 Things You’ll Need for Your Next Big Meeting or Event | Innovative Office Solutions August 8, 2014

Everyone likes S.W.A.G. – or Stuff We All Get – as made famous by Michael Scott.  That being said, how do we make sure people actually want to keep our S.W.A.G.?  Well, we’re here to answer that question – and to be your go-to when it comes to all of your meeting/event/company get-together needs! When planning […]

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A “Game-Changing” Ink and Laser Printer | Innovative Office Solutions July 28, 2014

Imagine – a machine twice the speed and half the cost-per-page of color lasers that use HP PageWide Technology.  Well, thanks to the age in which we live, this technology is now possible with the HP Officejet Pro X Series. With the HP Officejet Pro X series, users can enjoy the best of both the […]

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