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Browse for Your Favorite SWAG! May 5, 2016

Looking for that perfect promotional item to bring your brand to life? We are excited to launch our Promotional Products browsing website! We now have a user friendly promotional products site to browse for your favorite SWAG. This tool will help you jumpstart your search, but keep in mind our specialists are just a phone […]

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First Annual Bring Your Child to Work Day May 3, 2016

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A doctor!” “An engineer!” “A ninja!” “An Innovative employee!” Those were just a few answers given at Innovative’s first Bring Your Child to Work Day on April 28th. Innovative employees were encouraged to bring their children to experience a day of fun at the Innovative […]

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Jeanne Thompson

From “Prankster” to Employee of the Year February 10, 2016

Last January we had very little hesitancy in naming Jeanne Thompson our “Prankster” when it was time to put a name to that persona at Innovative Office Solutions. A year later and she is named 2015 Innovative Employee of the Year! There’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying yourself while at work, in fact it’s a point of pride […]

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Announcing – Minnesota Football Program of the Year! January 12, 2016

In August, hundreds of football players laced up their cleats, put on their helmets and stepped foot on the field for pre-season. Winning the conference and playing in the state tournament was at the forefront for many determined athletes. But there is more to football than just a winning record, state titles and stellar uniforms. It’s about being a dedicated team that works hard. […]

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All In 2016! | Product Catalog January 7, 2016

Do you value a healthy workplace, giving back to the community and “Going Green?” These are just a few of the exciting campaigns Innovative will be a part of throughout 2016. Many of you have started to receive this year’s edition of the Innovative product catalog. Our 2016 catalog launch marks the sixth installment of a theme we began […]

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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Desk December 22, 2015

Dress Up Your Desk with the Latest and Greatest The December persona here at Innovative Office Solutions is the Fashionista, and while that instantly brings to mind the clothes someone might wear to work—it can also apply to your immediate surroundings. More than likely, that means your work space or your desk. Science Daily reported […]

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Keith Kleinschmidt

Meet Keith Kleinschmidt, Innovative’s Coffee Fanatic November 19, 2015

It’s Packers vs. Vikings week here in Minnesota, and even though Keith Kleinschmidt is a life-long Packers fan, we won’t hold that against him, as he’s Innovative Office Solutions’ “Coffee Fanatic,” the persona of the month for November. Keith is the Furniture Project Manager/Designer here at Innovative and you might recognize him as the guy […]

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The Psychology of Color | How Color Affects Your Work Day September 16, 2015

Why is the sky blue? Why is the ocean blue? Why is grass green? Why did this post start out like it was written by a curious four-year old? We won’t bore you with answers to the above questions (it’s science), but we’ll ask you another one: Why is Facebook blue? Well, according the to […]

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5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Company September 2, 2015

So we all woke up Tuesday morning and it was September. How did that happen? Here in Minnesota, the State Fair is going on through Labor Day and kids are buying new back packs and all of the items that go inside it.With another page on the calendar turning over, September brings a new persona […]

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Walk The Line to Nash Bash August 20, 2015

If you know anything about Innovative you’ll know we believe strongly in Workplace Wellness and we like to practice what we preach. From daily workouts in the office to sit-stand desking, we like to get our people moving and keep productivity dialed up to 10. The latest adventure in movement culminated in Nash Bash. A pot luck, karaoke, […]

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The Importance of Sleep – Productivity Series February 24, 2015

A crucial component of stellar productivity is proper sleeping habits. In this second installment of our Productivity Series – we focus on Sleep.

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Word Find – Learn How to Play Along With Innovative and Win! November 26, 2014

Each Thursday email Innovative sends out, YOU could have a chance to play along and win a FREE Innovative Prize pack. Here is how you play. HOW TO PLAY INNOVATIVE WORD FIND 1. For the month of December, each Thursday Innovative will unveil a new word coded in BLUE somewhere in the email. 2. Keep […]

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