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Mobile Ordering is IN February 11, 2016

When you’re on the go and need to order office essentials, we now have a user friendly mobile ordering site for smartphones. Go to http://online.innovativeos.com with any smartphone browser, log into your account, search for your office products and order right from your mobile device. How handy is that?     Quick Tip: When you arrive […]

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The Road Warrior: Effective Ways to Communicate On the Go July 22, 2015

So we’ve pretty well established over the last few weeks that the life of a Road Warrior has plenty of inherent difficulties. No matter how well you plan things out ahead of time, a working life on the road is fraught with the unexpected. Delayed flights, hotel mishaps, eating on the run and lack of […]

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Video Integration is Here- Learn More About the Products You Love! January 29, 2015

Innovative strives to provide services that increase workplace productivity. In October of 2014, we implemented Smart Search, a website enhancement to help customers work smarter, not harder. This world leading search engine has been an extreme success in making an ease for online ordering.

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Dry Erase Surfaces – An Easy Whiteboard Solution | Innovative Office Solutions November 26, 2014

Dry-Erase boards are practically indispensable.  For meetings, brainstorming sessions, or just doodling – they are useful in more ways than one.  Sadly, they only have so much life to them before they start to look stained.  Until now.  With their innovation, 3M has yet again saved the day. Take The Nerdery, for example.  An interactive software […]

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Simple Office Changes Help Increase Hygiene | Innovative Office Solutions October 15, 2014

It’s that time of year again – flu season.  It may seem like whatever you do to prevent the flu, you somehow always get sick.  But – could it be – that you’re not being germ-conscious in the right places? This blog post is timely not only for flu season approaching – but due to recent […]

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Innovative Office Solutions – Your One Stop Shop this Holiday Season September 19, 2014

We at Innovative Office Solutions love the holidays.  But some of us don’t care for the bitter, cold, and snowy winters.  Having said that, we of course look forward to the holidays.  And with these awesome gift ideas, we’re sure you’ll make this holiday season – and seasons to come – memorable for all those […]

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A “Game-Changing” Ink and Laser Printer | Innovative Office Solutions July 28, 2014

Imagine – a machine twice the speed and half the cost-per-page of color lasers that use HP PageWide Technology.  Well, thanks to the age in which we live, this technology is now possible with the HP Officejet Pro X Series. With the HP Officejet Pro X series, users can enjoy the best of both the […]

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Now Available – LampFree® by Casio | Innovative Office Solutions July 16, 2014

Is your projector an outdated, clunky, energy-waster that is on its last leg?  Well we may have a solution for you.  Introducing the world’s first lampfree projector with considerable cost and energy savings, an exceptionally long life and minimal intervention – the LampFree® by Casio. In today’s day and age, the more efficient and energy-friendly we […]

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Fellows Automax Auto-Feed Shredders | Innovative Office Solutions March 10, 2014

The Fellows Automax is setting out to be the most efficient, safe, and high-quality shredder designed for allowing you to take back your work time, leading to a more productive work life.  The Automax line features two commercial models, the 300C and 500C, for use in shared workplaces.  The core of the innovation comes from the Fellows Sure […]

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Top 5 Benefits of LED Lighting | Innovative Office Solutions January 23, 2014

The list below is just a sample of the benefits associated with LED Light bulbs and lighting systems. Everyone has heard of LED light bulbs and lighting systems, but some may not fully understand the advantages and disadvantages.  The main disadvantage associated with LED lighting are the up-front costs.  However, the multiple other benefits of […]

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The Benefits of a Collaborative Workspace November 21, 2013

Studies show that innovation measures jumped 15% within a workplace that encouraged and supported brainstorming, peer critiques, and the free exchange of ideas.  How many of you have seen the cool, chic workspaces provided by companies like Google, Microsoft and Twitter?  Well, as it turns out, there is a method behind their modern takes on office […]

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Post-it® PopNotes – You can no longer claim that you forgot… November 30, 2011

Calendar reminders work great if you have to do something at a specific time, but what if you have to remember something at a specific place? That’s where Post-it PopNotes come in. Maybe when you leave work you have to remember to pick something up on the way home, or when you get home you […]

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