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Browse for Your Favorite SWAG! May 5, 2016

Looking for that perfect promotional item to bring your brand to life? We are excited to launch our Promotional Products browsing website! We now have a user friendly promotional products site to browse for your favorite SWAG. This tool will help you jumpstart your search, but keep in mind our specialists are just a phone […]

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Mobile Ordering is IN February 11, 2016

When you’re on the go and need to order office essentials, we now have a user friendly mobile ordering site for smartphones. Go to http://online.innovativeos.com with any smartphone browser, log into your account, search for your office products and order right from your mobile device. How handy is that?     Quick Tip: When you arrive […]

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Video Integration is Here- Learn More About the Products You Love! January 29, 2015

Innovative strives to provide services that increase workplace productivity. In October of 2014, we implemented Smart Search, a website enhancement to help customers work smarter, not harder. This world leading search engine has been an extreme success in making an ease for online ordering.

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Smart Search, New Features to Find What You Need October 21, 2014

At Innovative, we strive to provide services that increase productivity. Very importantly, we’ve made enhancements to our search engine that are major steps in helping our customers work smarter, not harder. So without further ado, we’re thrilled to formally announce a major upgrade to our website search that now uses a world-leading search engine. Much of the secret […]

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Selecting a ship to location online April 29, 2014

Why do I have to select a ship to in order to shop for products online? I have so many ship to’s, it’s hard to find the one I need? Due to our new dynamic stock check feature, we had to move the ship to selection to the beginning of the ordering process. Instead of […]

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Proof of Delivery – now available online for local shipments! March 31, 2014

Ever wonder if your order is in the building? When was it received? Who signed for it? You can now find out online with our new POD (Proof of Delivery) feature! Log in to your account If you have multiple shipping locations you’ll need to select one in order to proceed Click on My Account […]

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How can I get a copy of an invoice? | Website Training February 27, 2014

Do you find yourself scrambling to find copies of invoices at the end of the month to reconcile your purchases? There has got to be an easier way than calling customer service, right? Well there is! Log in to our website – www.innovativeos.com If you have multiple ship to locations you will need to select […]

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New Website Feature: Dynamic Stock Check November 7, 2013

What if you knew an item was unavailable before placing your order?  You’ve always had the ability to check stock on an item before ordering, but you had to click “Stock Check” to do so. Now we’ve integrated stock check into the “Add to Cart” button. When you add an item to your cart it […]

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