State of Minnesota Office Supply Procurement Portal
Customer Support Contacts

With a new program can come many questions. We will try to address as much as we can through this portal, but if you require further assistance you have a number of resources available to you.

Here is a full list of your available contacts and their primary role with regard to the contract:

Agency Coordinator
Each Agency has a designated coordinator who will be able to assist you with questions specific to how your agency would like to purchase under this contract. For the name of your Agency Coordinator, please click here.

Customer Service
Call or email Innovative Office Solutions with any general questions related to order placement, order status, product information, returns, etc..

Tel: 952-808-9900 
Toll free: 866-574-5389

Fax: 952-894-7153
Toll Free Fax: 866-526-0482

Account Executive
Your Account Executive has overall responsibility for the entire contract.

Rick Buranen
Tel: 952-808-9900 Ext. 213


Tel: 952-808-9900
Toll Free: 866-574-5389

Fax: 952-894-7153
Toll Free Fax: 866-526-0482