Team Tucker | November Charity of the Month

We are excited to kick off another year of the MN Wild Charity of the Month program! Throughout the NHL season, we feature a new charity each month. This program provides opportunities and exposure to important charities that would otherwise not receive! From exposure on the Wild website, to a video that get’s played in arena during a Wild game, the program is quite the GOAL for charities throughout our community.

Innovative Office Solutions is excited to announce the first Charity of the Month for the 2017-18 season, Team Tucker: Play, Laugh, Love!


About Team Tucker: Play, Laugh, Love

Tucker Helstrom was a boy living in the Hopkins community who spent his short 9 ½ years of life playing sports, laughing with friends and family, and showing love to people in need. Even when cancer took his leg, he continued to find ways to play sports, have fun with friends and family, and continued to worry about others despite having his own major troubles. Ironically, while Tucker showed everyone how to live during his heroic battle with Osteosarcoma, he ended up dying. However, his mother, family, and his “team” will build the Association which will ensure that his legacy will live. Tucker, with his amazing strength and attitude, created an explosion reaching those who loved Tucker, whether they met him or just read about him. The Team Tucker Association will ensure that even more people will benefit, as it will help other children Play, Laugh, and feel Love.

Team Tucker’s Mission believes all children deserve to play and laugh daily. By extending love, even those children with fewer opportunities can experience this. The Team Tucker Association will provide the time and resources to make sure Tucker’s legacy will live on, ensuring more kids Play, Laugh, Love.

Congratulations Team Tucker: Play, Laugh, Love on being chosen as the November Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month!