5 Incredible Workplace Hacks | Innovative Office Solutions

Too much clutter at your desk?  There are solutions.  Below are some “office hacks” that are sure to help increase your productivity throughout the day!

1.  Don’t have a can of condensed air handy?  Grab a few pieces of Scotch Tape or Post-It notes and run them through the cracks and crevices of your keyboard.  Most unwanted gunk will stick to the adhesive, letting you then throw it right in the trash.  This solution will surely tide you over until you can get some condensed air.


2.  Lets be honest, you may not be jonesing for a cup of hot coffee in the middle of July.  And much to your chagrin, that is all the office currently has.  Fear not, with this workplace coffee hack – you’ll be sipping on iced coffee in no time.




3.  Cut back on clutter by using binder clips for loose and excess wires.  Some desks may not be a good fit for binder clips as wire holders – if that is the case, there are countless other accessories built specifically for wire organization.  However, if you’re in a pinch and just can deal with the clutter anymore, binder clips are the perfect solution.


4.  Sharpies are great for countless things – from decoration to DIY projects, they can do it all.  But did you know you could add wardrobe touch-ups to their endless list of capabilities?  Do your pumps or heels need a quick touch-up?  Break out that Sharpie and you’re good to go!

5.  Sponges make a great substitute for regular ice packs.  By putting a wet sponge into a sandwich-sized plastic zip lock bag and freezing it, it will make a perfect, non-soggy ice pack you can keep in your lunch.  Stash a few at the office as well as they are a fairly inexpensive and space-saving alternative to the traditional icepacks.


Hopefully these tips will help you stay productive throughout the day – and have maybe given you a few ideas for increased productivity at home, as well as in the office!