5 Tips on Handling Valentines Day at Work | Innovative Office Solutions


February 14th is right around the corner – and below are some tips to keep in mind when celebrating at the office.

Valentines Day at the workplace can be a tricky thing.  Flowers, sweets, others not celebrating – it may not be for everyone.  But if you are celebrating, there are a few things to keep in mind when bringing your Valentines Day enthusiasm to the office.

Plan Ahead – Just Not at Work

Trying to plan your evening? Do it during off-hours.

If the unavoidable panic of Valentines Day begins to show at the workplace – notice it immediately and shake it off.  Once you’ve left the office, then start planning.

Do you know of a great new restaurant downtown that just opened?  Does your guy or gal have a favorite spot they like to frequent?  Well, so does everyone else.  Everyone has been dying to get into that new place downtown, and everyone has a favorite spot they like to go to.  34.6* percent of those who celebrate Valentines Day do so by dining out.  Keep that number in your head, be prepared, and plan ahead.

Go Easy on the Gloating

Some people often forget that not everyone celebrates Valentines Day.  Whether due to personal reasons or as a form of protest, others may not receive roses, chocolates, candy hearts or a sing-o-gram at the office.

Keep this in mind when you’re heading to the reception desk to pick up your special delivery, and when heading back to your desk.  Be as subtle as possible as not to draw too much attention to yourself and possibly inadvertently upsetting or hurting the feelings of a co-worker.

34.3* percent of those who celebrate Valentines Day receive flowers – if you do, simply be mindful of your coworkers.  If someone comments, respond politely!

Don’t be That Person

Look, just because your Valentines Day card box is empty, or your desk isn’t covered in roses doesn’t mean you should bring others down to your level. Let the gift recipients have their fun.  Look at it this way – tomorrow you get to indulge on all of the half-price Valentines Day chocolate.  Everybody wins.

Celebrate with Everyone

Who says you need just one Valentine?  Okay, most people would say you can only have one.  But if you don’t have one, why not celebrate with office team members? Being that some in the office may not be celebrating “The Day Love Costs Money”, bring in snacks for the whole department or team.  It will be appreciated by everyone – single or otherwise, and would help build rapport throughout the office.  Check out these Valentines Day-themed recipes and indulge!

Don’t Overdue It – Keep it Civil

If you have an office “crush” – Valentines Day isn’t the day to let it be known.  It is neither the environment, nor the most proper of office conduct.  Be professional in your approach to workplace Valentines Day festivities.  Use discretion in a situation like this – the last thing anyone wants or needs is a trip to HR.

Make Valentines Day at the office fun!  Enjoy it with co-workers, marvel in the amount of sweets that fill the office on this day, and indulge to your hearts content.

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