7 Ways to Dress Up Your Desk

Dress Up Your Desk with the Latest and Greatest

The December persona here at Innovative Office Solutions is the Fashionista, and while that instantly brings to mind the clothes someone might wear to work—it can also apply to your immediate surroundings. More than likely, that means your work space or your desk.

Science Daily reported that a 2010 study found that employees who were given control over the design and layout of their workspace were 32 percent more productive. Leaving that behind, even if you aren’t able to choose your desk or how it’s laid out, you can certainly control what lives on your desk.

Is your desk tidy and clean or cluttered and “lived in”? Different strokes for different folks, but in the end, you have to decide if your desk makes you happy, and if the answer is no, you can certainly do some things to change that.

Hide the Cords

With keyboards, power cords, phones and chargers of all kinds filling up most people’s desks these days, it’s always a nice idea to hide away all the cords. Nobody likes the sight of clumps of tangled cords, it’s how many of us picture what our brains look like inside of our heads, the sight of it near your desk is just a little too much. So yeah, our first tip on making your desk more fashionable is to hide the ugly stuff!

Sit/Stand Desks and Ergonomically Correct Monitors

From the old “two birds with one stone” line of thinking, these suggestions are both fashionable and practical. Sit/Stand desks look cool and help break up your work day into sections. We’ve all seen the studies that show that being able to stand during portions of the day break up the monotony of a work day and lead to more productivity.

The least you can do for yourself is make sure your monitor is at an ergonomically correct level. There are all kinds of new and fun monitor stands that look sleek and the ergonomic fit will improve your health and well-being over the long haul.

Mouse Pads

You’re not still using one of those old foam mousepads are you? If you are, please remove yourself from 2004 and join the rest of us in 2015! Mouse pads have come a long way over the years. You can make a nice fashion statement with a designer pad, or you can be practical and get a mousepad that doubles as a white board where you can keep your daily planner.

A Little Nature Goes a Long Way

It may be old school to think about putting a plant or some flowers in your work area, but they still lend a touch of fashionista to your area! You wouldn’t believe how self-sustaining a lot of plants are these days, so you don’t even need to remember to water them every two days.

File Folders

If you’re a sloppy desk person, you’d be surprised at how much a few file folders can help out. And trust us, file folders have come a long ways over the years as well. You’re not stuck between choosing between beige and a little duller version of beige as your two color options. There are now as many options as there are colors, and you can pick neon or metallic looking or whatever your inner fashionista desires.

Desk Trays

Do you have pens, sharpies, printouts and other assorted desk debris assorted all around your desk? That’s not very fashionista of you! Desk trays come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and no matter your taste or style, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Look, we get it, some people couldn’t care less if their desk is fashionable or not, but can you imagine a world where you can find a pen every time you need one? It exists!


So this last suggestion is as old school as it gets. How about a photo of your significant other, or your kids, or some friends or family in a nice, stylish frame? Sometimes it’s that simple reminder of our life outside of work that’s enough to invigorate us to do a better job, both at work and in our lives in general.