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Gold In Globe Award

Each month we will be awarding a “Gold in Globe” Award to a company who demonstrates outstanding office productivity in a specific category of recognition. The winners will be recognized in our monthly email campaigns, social media channels and featured on our Innovative Awards Page.

2018 Best in the Community

And the 2018 Best in the Community goes to… Bell Bank! Bell Bank is celebrating 10 years of it’s unique Pay it Forward tradition that has empowered employees to generously give over $12 million dollars back to their communities since the program’s inception in 2008. By paying it forward, Bell Bank employees believe they will change the world, one good deed at a time!

Each year, full-time employees receive $1,000 and part-time employees receive $500 to give back to cause they believe in. From donating to families who have experienced a tragedy to supporting local puppy shelters, Bell Bank is making a fantastic impact in the communities they are a part of.

“We succeed as a company when we support and strengthen our communities. Paying it forward is a responsibility we take to heart and live every day.” says Julie Peterson Klein, Chief Culture Officer of Bell Bank.

Read more about how Bell Bank has inspired and empowered their employees to make a positive impact through their Give Back Program!

Congratulations Bell Bank for being the July Best in the Community Gold in Globe Award recipient! Thank you for all of the great work you do in the community!

Nominate your Office Superstar

Along with the Gold in Globe Award winners, we need your help to uncover workplace superstars and select a “Best Supporting Role” each month. From Best Director (manager) to Best Opening Act (front desk receptionist), we will be recognizing the stars who make your office a productive place to work! Nominate your office “Best Team Player” this month at today!