We Bring Business to Life and Life to Business

Productivity runs deeper than the supplies you use on the job each day. At Innovative, it’s connecting the dots between the work environment and the people in it, between the tools they need and the systems that supply them.

Productivity is what we do. We bring together all the areas within your business, from your workspace to the essential supplies you need to work to printing and promoting, to keep businesses efficient, enjoyable and all IN.

  • Innovative IN scope: As one of the nation’s largest independent office productivity suppliers, we are a single-source solution that can manage the needs of businesses nationwide. At the same time, our staff is dedicated to understanding the specific needs of each of our partners, ensuring the right solution for you each and every time.
  • Innovative IN partnership: Our strategic partnerships and buying group relationships give us the infrastructure to operate on an enterprise level, helping us secure a place as the official supplier to the major sports teams around Minnesota as well as to the State of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota.
  • Innovative IN diversity: We are a women-owned business certified by the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) with a strong local focus on our community and the flexibility to manage the requirements of your business quickly and creatively.

When you need to invigorate your people, innovate your space and integrate the systems that make it easier to keep it that way, we have the solutions to bring it all together.

Are you IN?