Announcing – Minnesota Football Program of the Year!

In August, hundreds of football players laced up their cleats, put on their helmets and stepped foot on the field for pre-season. Winning the conference and playing in the state tournament was at the forefront for many determined athletes.

But there is more to football than just a winning record, state titles and stellar uniforms. It’s about being a dedicated team that works hard. Its about getting involved in the community. Its about molding athletes into successful individuals. Throughout the football season, Innovative, The InSports Foundation and the Minnesota Vikings were searching for that unique Minnesota football program, and we found them! We had numerous applicants with incredible stories highlighting community involvement, teamwork and extreme dedication to the game of football, and all were deserving.

We are extremely excited to announce Caledonia Football Program as the Minnesota Football Program of the Year and the winner of the “In the Game Award for 2015.” They will be granted $10,000 with a portion of the funds going to a youth sports program to support the InSports Foundation’s mission of helping kids get in the game. Stay tuned for the town takeover this spring! Click on the video below and watch the Caledonia Football story unfold!


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