Announcing Minnesota Vikings Field Goals for Charity Recipient!

We are excited to announce our 2016/17 Minnesota Vikings Field Goals for Charity recipient, Camp Cambria.

During the NFL regular season, each time a Minnesota Vikings kicker successfully kicks a field goal, Innovative and Post-it brand will donate $250 (up to $5,000 total) to the Camp Cambria Foundation, an organization that brings laughter and joy to the many children living with juvenile arthritis by providing a quintessential summer camp experience.


Every summer, Cambria and the Arthritis Foundation host Camp Cambria, a week-long summer camp in Maple Lake, Minnesota serving children ages 8-17 from across the U.S. who are living with juvenile arthritis.

The mission of this organization is to provide a safe environment for children with juvenile arthritis to learn coping and disease management skills, gain independence, and build lifelong friendships with other kids just like themselves.


Cambria established the Camp Cambria Foundation to raise awareness of the 300,000 children in the U.S. living with juvenile arthritis, and continues to expand efforts to help children who suffer from the debilitating disease. Juvenile arthritis is a lifelong disease that destroys joints, bones and muscles, making everyday activities—or simply moving—difficult and painful.

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