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Post-it® PopNotes – You can no longer claim that you forgot… November 30, 2011

Calendar reminders work great if you have to do something at a specific time, but what if you have to remember something at a specific place? That’s where Post-it PopNotes come in. Maybe when you leave work you have to remember to pick something up on the way home, or when you get home you […]

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Coffee Houses: Primed for Laptop Left May 11, 2011

Article shared from Kensington Safe Zone, written by Rob Humphrey. Coffee houses have become popular and familiar places to hang out. Grab a cup of coffee, bring your laptop, get some work done, surf the net, read the paper – all in a very comfortable setting. Maybe a little too comfortable. The New York Times […]

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A Day Made of Glass – Is a paperless society finally on our doorstep? May 10, 2011

If you have a spare five minutes, you have to watch this video by Corning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38 We’ve heard for years now about a “paperless” world, yet we go through more paper than we ever did. The reason for that I’d say is twofold, first is that technology has dramatically increased our ability to produce and […]

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