Children’s Grief Connection | Minnesota Wild Charity of February

This current version of winter sure has been a lot more tolerable for Minnesota Wild fans. Along with pretty mild January temperatures, the Wild has been putting smiles on the faces of sports fans across the state by exceeding everyone’s expectations with the best four-month stretch in franchise history. The Wild lead the Western Conference in points and are on everyone’s short list of Stanley Cup favorites as we head into February.

Innovative Office Solutions is the proud sponsor of the Charity of the Month program in partnership with the Minnesota Wild. The program brings exposure to a different Minnesota charity each month throughout the NHL season. The Minnesota Wild charity of the month for February, 2017 is Children’s Grief Connection.

Children's Grief Connection

In the spring of 2001, a group of Minnesota funeral directors discussed how they could continue to help their grieving families beyond the funeral itself. Seeing the greatest need in the children of their families, the Minnesota Foundation for Children was established to develop a program that could help grieving children. By 2007, Carol Popowitz had taken the reins of MFC with its first large-scale fundraiser. MFC soon morphed itself into Children’s Grief Connection and developed its own camps and programs.

Children’s Grief Connection continues its mission of providing hope and healing to grieving families. Grieving families are able to attend camps where they experience a developmentally designed program for all members of their family. CGC’s hope is that the program will help family members heal and connect along their grief journey, finding meaning in the memories they share as they embark on life after the death of their loved one.

Children’s Grief Connection believes:

  • Grief and mourning are a natural reaction to the death of a loved one.
  • Mourning is a circular process— not a series of steps where once you experience one, you will never feel it again.
  • Grief is not a one-time event.
  • Families grieve together and individually.
  • Children grieve differently than adults.
  • Children learn through play.
  • All feelings are okay.

As members of the National Alliance for Grieving Children, the Children’s Grief Connection advocates, educates and raises awareness about issues related to childhood bereavement. They help provide a network of communication between professionals and volunteers who share ideas, information and resources with each other in order to better support grieving children and families.

The Minnesota Wild are putting smiles on a lot of faces this winter, and the Children’s Grief Connection is constantly trying to do the same, and could use as much help as possible. Innovative Office Solutions is proud to sponsor the Children’s Grief Connection in partnership with the Minnesota Wild as the February charity of the month.

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