Collaborative Work Places to Enhance Creativity

We’re a week into September and even though it still feels like summer outside, the kids are all back in school and their thinking caps have all been put back on. Here at Innovative Office Solutions, our office persona for September is the Creative, so we’ve got our thinking caps on to come up with the best ways to improve creativity at the work place.More specifically, today we’re going to look at how collaborative spaces can enhance creativity at nearly any work environment. You’ve heard the phrase, “happy spaces, productive places”? As technology and millennials continue to flood the work force, offices are working harder to set up environments that foster creativity.

Knoll Workplace Research released a study that concluded that, “the key drivers of collaboration in organizations are the need for innovation and speed/quality of decision-making and business process.”

An emerging trend in most office environments is group spaces tailored to more specific purposes than the old-school conference room. Brainstorming spaces are the fastest growing categories for group spaces.  Knoll Workplace Research reports that “successful high-performing group spaces will highlight four capabilities that help people connect to technology and to each other, effectively share visual information, adapt the workspace and technology to their ongoing needs, and civilize the work experience, through amenities such as beverage service and access to natural daylight.”Brainstorming spaces have become crucial in almost all business environments, as companies try to figure out ways to maximize their potential by keeping up with advances in technology. Effective brainstorming spaces offer a casual setting that encourages a sharing of ideas. Wall-sized whiteboards, blackboards, or tackable surfaces on which to leave group ideas, problems and information are now common place. Casual seating and tables that promote a variety of postures and groups of people that reflect the preferred informal nature of brainstorming sessions, go a long way toward spurring creativity.

Most collaborative spaces like the ones we’re talking about also have at least one large, flat screen monitor big enough for groups to see during these sessions. Colored markers, pencils or chalk should also be on hand, depending on what types of large-area surfaces you use during these creative sessions.

Collaborative Spaces

That’s a phrase that’s gained steam over the last couple of years as offices have realized the importance of group-think settings that promote rapid and creative ideas. Collaborative spaces can obviously vary from company to company, but the general idea is that it’s a setting dedicated to a specific project, where some workers might stay for the duration of the project and others can come and go as needed, but the space would provide them easy access to all that’s been accomplished in the space (large, updated whiteboards, etc.).The bottom line is that today’s fast-past work world, driven by technology and innovation, relies much more on collaborative work than ever before. The days of an office worker sitting at a staid cubicle for eight hours a day are becoming antiquated.

We’ve entered an era where collaborative spaces are more the norm and while these spaces are ever-evolving, the most rapidly growing categories support brainstorming, small unplanned meetings, videoconferencing and project team work. Innovative Office Solutions is a fantastic resource to help you develop and nurture collaborative spaces that will optimize your office production. The best collaborative work spaces moving forward will have easy access and connection to technology, multiple options for sharing visual information and work amenities that nourish creativity (healthy snacks and beverages and daylight).

Everyone wants their office to be as productive and as happy as possible. As we weigh further into the 21st century, more companies are realizing that creative work environments lead to more innovative and imaginative work. As we said above, “happy spaces, productive places.” Are you looking for solutions to enhance creativity and productivity in the workplace? Innovative is here to help! Check out or contact us at 866.574.5389.