Cubicles Rising – How Innovative Got New Carpet

A year ago we expanded our offices and remodeled, but an existing section of office went untouched and it was time to put down some new carpet to freshen things up a little.

JPP_20130415_265If you look at the picture to the left you’ll see a lot of cubicles (19 to be exact), and putting down new carpet seems like a daunting proposition. I asked how long this would take to remove sections of furniture in order to replace carpet. The answer was quite surprising.

“Oh, we don’t remove it, we lift the cubicles up and replace the carpet right underneath.” – I must admit, when this was first described to me I had visions of an orchestra playing as all of the cubicles in the space rose up like the Lost City of Atlantis rising out of the ocean. Alas, the reality is much less dramatic, but that’s a good thing. After all, when we’re talking about disrupting a workspace to replace carpet, you want it to happen quickly and without a lot of theatrics.

The reality is there is a winning formula which makes this project go smoothly, quickly, and with minimal disruption. It begins with the concept of carpet tiles and ends with the right team doing the work.

  • The process involves removing the existing broadloom carpet, and replacing with carpet tiles. In addition to providing interesting design options and easy tile replacement in the case of stains or traffic wear, it allows you to carpet an area without removing the furniture.
  • The team performing this work for Innovative and our customers has the right mix of carpet installers and furniture installation experts on a single team. Having all of this expertise on one team without sub-contracting is rare.

I knew our company did this type of work, I’d just never seen it in action so I was naturally excited to record it and tell the story. Installers began by removing anything mobile from the area, and then came the work of removing the old carpet and glue, and then replacing with carpet tiles.

To get underneath the cubicles, they used a variety of tools and tricks that would lift small sections by a couple of inches, just enough to work underneath. It’s very important to work with an experienced team to eliminate the risk of damage in the lifting process.

Without knowing how the process worked, if someone had asked me how long I thought this would take, I’d have guessed a week or more of terrible disruption. The reality? This project was completed in two evenings after employees had left for the day. Now that’s how to replace carpet!

If your workspace needs some fresh new carpet, contact your Innovative Office Solutions Account Executive for more info, or visit us at