Eliminate Germs in your Workplace!

Alright folks, 2019 is here! A new year of increased productivity and innovation, and it all starts with employees who come to work at the top of their game! As we all know, cold and flu season is upon us so we need to take extra care of the workplace we share and collaborate in daily.

To combat the spread of bacteria in your office, check out the top 5 cleaning tips below!

1.Eliminate bacteria as soon as someone steps foot in your office! At your building entrance, place the Touch-Free Purell disinfectant stand and STOP those germs from spreading.

2. Keep your restrooms squeaky clean! Did you know that restrooms are one of highest trafficked areas in any office space? A typical office worker visits the restroom upwards of four times per day! Take the Kimberly Clark CHESS Quiz for your restroom cleanliness results!

3. Use disposable towels to dry your hands! Did you know that drying with single-use hand towels reduces bacteria on fingers by 77 percent, while jet air dryers can increase the germ count on fingertips by up to 42 percent! We’ve got an array of dispenser and tissue programs to suit your workplace needs! Also, check out the new Onvation smart building technology. It will make running your building SO much more efficient.


4. Disinfect your workstation and tech gadgets daily or at least weekly. Did you know that your keyboard carries over 3 millions units of bacteria per square inch?? That’s more than a toilet seat! Be proactive and keep disinfectant wipes handy!

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5. Clean your breakroom appliances. Breakrooms are also one of the busiest areas in the office. It’s no wonder that breakrooms are host to many of the most highly contaminated objects, but given that food is often reheated, prepared and consumed in office breakrooms, cleanliness is critical. The Purell Surface Spray kills 22 germs in 30 seconds and acts as a multipurpose surface cleaner! Order it now!

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It is estimated that as many as 85% of employees are less productive each year because of “minor illnesses” such as the common cold and influenza, and when employees share germs instead of ideas, productivity can plummet. Don’t worry, Innovative has your back to make sure you have all your cleaning and facility needs covered! Make bacteria in your office a thing of the past!