Five Essential Environmentally Friendly Office Products | Innovative Office Solutions

Environmentally friendly products are now more important than ever, so we thought it’d be a good idea to let you know about some of the more environmentally friendly products that Innovative Office Solutions carries.

Now, just because a product is considered “green” or “environmentally friendly” in no way detracts from its performance or usage while at the office.  In fact, such products should give you more pride in usage with you knowing your current more “green” office products will one day be reused by someone else

Post-it Greener Paper Markers

5.  It’s no secret we at Innovative Office Solutions are HUGE Post-it product fans, and this first product is no exception.  Post-It Greener Page Markers are a more environmental friendly take on the traditional page markers, as the adhesive is plant-based and the page markers themselves are made from recycled paper.  Feel better when you eventually discard each marker that you may end up using that same marker years down the road.

Post-It Greener Tape

4.  Scotch Brand Greener Tape is a more environmentally friendly alternative – yet still as versatile as the original.   Made from 65% recycled or plant-based materials by weight, the alternative version is just as timeless and strong as the original.


Aren’t you glad it’s not January?

3.  The AT-A-GLANCE Recycled Wall Calendar will soon become your new favorite office mate.  Besides the fact it is a wall calendar that helps you keep track of your daily happenings, it also features monthly green living tips.  Tips such as – “That picnic you’re planning for next weekend?  Bring your own plates and silverware instead of plasticware.”.  It always helps to be reminded of how you can live more environmentally friendly every day of the year.


Eco-Friendly Office Cups

2.  Every office needs cups – and what better kind to have on hand than those that are completely compostable?  Made from 100% renewable resources, the Eco-Products World Art cup is perfect for your morning coffee.  The cups are engineered with a leak-proof PLA liner – which is a corn-based polymer – ensures you don’t walk into a meeting with a stain, courtesy of your aforementioned morning joe.


1.  As we mentioned in a previous post on keeping the office neat and tidy over the winter months, EcoGuard wiper matts come in first on our list of most essential environmentally friendly office products.  The carpeted surface is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles – so a few of these in the office give you the peace of mind knowing you’re helping keep plastic bottles out of our landfills.  The durable crumb rubber backing is made from used tires, helping keep them out of landfills and waterways – and properly recycling a material that is notoriously difficult to decompose.  The fibers on this mat provide better absorbency so, especially during winter months, you won’t be tracking as much moisture/dirt/salt/etc. into the office, keeping it cleaner for a longer period of time.