Gold in Globe Award | April Best Branded Workplace

Gold In Globe Award 

Each month we will be awarding a “Gold in Globe” Award to a company who demonstrates outstanding office productivity in a specific category of recognition. The winners will be recognized in our monthly email campaigns, social media channels and featured on our Innovative awards page.

2018 Best Branded Workplace

And the 2018 Best Branded Workplace goes to EPIQ Partners!

EPIQ Partners had the vision to create a space where they could host clients while incorporating the aesthetics of the city in their Uptown office. From outdoor entrance signage, wall murals and more, Innovative helped EPIQ’s vision become a reality. Here’s how they were able to rebrand their space!

  1. Wall Murals – two large wall murals added a unique feel to the office, giving it a “city vibe” in the Uptown neighborhood.


  • Vinyl Window Frosting – by adding a color film, a design aspect was incorporated into the EPIQ office. Not only did it allow their location to become more noticeable from the outside, it also added a pop of color and life to their location. Vinyl Window Frosting was also added to the conference room windows to add an additional form of privacy when meeting with clients.

  • Signage – being attached to a residential building, EPIQ wanted to make sure their clients had no issue on their office location. This was made possible with outdoor signage and a branded entrance that welcomed all guests who walked in!


EPIQ was able to transform their Minneapolis space by incorporating fun colors, murals, and textures! Along with the branding, Innovative was able to help EPIQ design their space by utilizing our HON furniture vendor to create multiple seating areas where they could connect with clients in a casual, business, or conference settings.


With a purpose to invest wisely, improve lives, and create opportunities by connecting people, ideas, and capital, EPIQ did just that when creating their new space. Congratulations EPIQ Partners for being named the 2018 Best Branded Workplace!

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