Gold In Globe Award | February Healthiest Workplace

Gold In Globe Award 

Each month we will be awarding a “Gold in Globe” Award to a company who demonstrates outstanding office productivity in a specific category of recognition. The winners will be recognized in our monthly email campaigns, social media channels and featured on our Innovative awards page.

2018 Healthiest Workplace

Drum roll please… our first Gold in Globe Award for the Healthiest Workplace in 2018 goes to, Eagle Brook Church!

With 7 different locations around the twin cities, keeping guests healthy and productive is no easy task! Eagle Brook Church has made it a priority to always keep their buildings stocked with everything needed to keep their guests healthy, especially during the cold & flu season! The church has also worked with Innovative and structured a one day a week delivery day for all their locations, keeping it simple for all, but also reducing the carbon footprint! Check out the top 3 ways Eagle Brook is keeping their community productive.

Top 3 Ways Eagle Brook Church Keeps their Facilities Healthy and Productive!

    1. Alcohol – free hand sanitizer accessible to ALL guests
      • Eagle Brook Church goes above and beyond to ensure hand sanitizer is available for anyone who enters the building.
    2. Hands-free paper towel dispensers
      • Did you know that bacteria can live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours in restrooms? With hands-free paper towel dispensers, Eagle Brook is dedicated to providing a healthy restroom experience
    3. Eager to attend cleaning and facility classes  
      • The Eagle Brook team is always willing to attend cleaning and facility educational sessions to ensure their buildings have the essential solutions needed to keep their community healthy

Congratulations Eagle Brook Church on your outstanding work in keeping your guests healthy and productive year round!

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