Heart Healthy Programs at the Office

February may be the shortest month on the calendar (it’s a day longer than normal during this leap year), but you probably see more hearts during the second month of the year than any other. That’s mostly because Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, and while we’re all for flowers and cards, we’d like to use all those hearts as a reminder to live healthy and keep your actual heart functioning properly.

Heart Health

A lot of us spend a big chunk of our days in offices, and the habits you develop in your particular work setting will go a long way toward determining your health and well-being. Here at Innovative Office Solutions we’re big believers in a healthy workplace environment and many of the products and services we sell are aimed at providing just that.

The “Interiors” page on our website has a sub-head that reads, “We pair informed design expertise with the latest trends in furniture to transform your work space and bring the people in them to life.” Simply stated, the old-school method of getting to work and sitting down at a desk for eight straight hours is not only outdated, but isn’t ideal for your long-term health either.

In today’s digital world, with laptops, surfaces and even phones being utilized as work devices, there are few reasons left to pin yourself down at an uncomfortable desk all day. Give yourself some variety—it’s good for both your brain and your body to be a lot more active during your day and there’s plenty of office technology and furniture available to help you do that.

At Innovative Office Solutions we believe in using the latest advances in ergonomics, movement, collaboration and technology, and we work alongside our customers to design a solution that captures your vision and optimizes your workplace to maximize health and well-being, which we believe has a mushroom effect on everything from attracting top talent, inspiring your work force and overall office productivity.

We believe that the right combination of seating and workstations can go a long ways toward a healthier environment at your office. At Innovative we use cutting-edge vendors like Teknion and HON to offer a wide variety of the most current office furniture that both look great, and provide a healthier work environment.


Image from Teknion.com

We’re hoping that at some point sitting at the same cubicle all day long will be passe, and that the rise of collaborative work spaces in many offices will continue. Gone are the days when only conference rooms were used for any group-think activity. Most offices have learned that a “we” rather than a “me” space leads to more productivity. We’re proponents of an active workday at your office, so moving from a personal desk to a sit-stand set up and then a collaborative space are all ways to keep you moving during the day. Again, the benefits are twofold, a more active worker is healthier and more productive.

Another big component of maintaining a healthy work environment involves what you eat and drink. We encourage healthy snacks and drinks in your break room, including nuts, popcorn and water (to go along with the break room staple: Coffee!)

It’s often stated that people are a product of their environments and we believe that providing healthy choices in your break room will help in the overall health of your work force.

Finally for February, this month of hearts, we’d like to touch on the benefits of group wellness or exercise programs at work. The benefits of taking 15 minutes or so during the lunch hour or in the early afternoon are pretty obvious. Not only can some stretching or light give you the few minutes away from your desk to help clear your head, but you’d be surprised at how much good something as simple as a walk around the building a day can do for your health.

Hey, we realize much of your work environment can be out of your control. You may work at an office where you have no control over where you sit. However, there’s nothing wrong with making suggestions to those who do control those things, and there are very few places that won’t allow you some time to stretch your legs or take a quick walk. If you’re able, suggest a workplace health program that supports healthy behaviors at work.

It’s February, which means most of us have already lost sight of those New Year’s resolutions where we were going to take better care of ourselves. You can start again. Your heart deserves it!

Heart Health