High-Performance Matting Systems | Keeping Your Office Neat and Tidy


The wrath of poor weather conditions can be averted when high-performance matting systems are implemented throughout the workplace.

Minnesota winters are cruel – cruel on the roads, our cars, and our sanity.  One place that is often overlooked when it comes to poor weather conditions is the workplace.  Tracking in dirt, water and salt can take a toll on the entire building, leading to expenses that can easily be avoided.  With high-performance matting systems however, facilities can stay clean, healthy and safe year-round.

In today’s world, rarely do we have time to stop and sufficiently wipe our feet before we walk into a building.  A common practice in the workplace is to simply lay a mat or rug at the entryway in hopes that others will stop and wipe off the excess under their shoes.  While most may stop and quickly wipe their shoes, certain mats don’t perform as well as others, leading to quickly worn mats that can damage the floor beneath and ultimately a dirty workplace.

Effective, high-performance matting systems are designed to keep dirt, salt, water – most anything a shoe can track in – at the door.  Unlike other mats and rugs, high-performance mats have the ability to keep the excess beneath your feet from spreading throughout the workplace.  This happens due to “two-level” or “bi-level” matting – where users walk on a higher level, causing excesses to fall to a lower level, preventing further spread of dirt and water.

You say effective – but how effective?

  • Front door entrances are responsible for 80% of soil found in the workplace
  • One person tracks, on average, .02 ounces of soil into the workplace every day.  That leads to 160 pounds of debris per year
  • Costs to remove one pound of soil from the work place can range anywhere from $500 to $800
  • 15 feet of high-performance matting can trap and hold up to 75% of soil at the door, while 30 feet can remove nearly 100%

Proper matting not only increases office cleanliness, but safety as well.  The National Safety Council estimated the cost of a slip-and-fall accident in the United States to be $50,000 on average – taking into account lost time, workers comp, and medical costs.  These accidents and their costs could be avoided by having effective matting systems in place.

High-performance matting systems are manufactured using higher quality materials and come with a warranty guaranteeing their quality and life expectancy – which customers can expect to last a year if not several, making them extremely cost effective and a tremendous investment for the workplace.

When comparing mat rental to purchasing, there can be a significant savings. In a recent example with an Innovative Office Solutions customer, they cut their annual expense by 50%, saving a total of $2,400 per year.

For an assessment of how Innovative Office Solutions can help keep your workplace clean and how two-level matting systems can continually help save you money, contact one of our Facility Specialists at cs@innovativeos.com.