Set a Policy for Efficiency

We’ve made it our goal to understand how the administrative side of government and government offices work. We know the ins and outs of government procurement, how to make your workday more efficient and we have all the tools and processes in place to make it happen. Innovative is currently the contract holder for Office Supplies for the State of Minnesota.

  • Our dedicated service staff knows how your business works
  • We can save you time with technology to simplify your ordering process
  • We’ll help maximize your budget with contract spending options
  • Work with us to analyze your supply usage and eliminate overspending
  • Order through us and stock up in all the areas of your office from one source

Innovative IN Government Offices:

With Innovative, there’s more than one way we can help you cut through the red tape and make productivity happen for your office.

Set up a call with one of our service specialists today to get started.