Rock Your Cleaning Closet’s World

When it comes to janitorial and commercial cleaning supplies, Innovative has the right mix of products to keep your facility shipshape and safe. Our cleaning and sanitation service support can work with you to determine the products that are best for your operation, from specialty cleaning equipment, which includes scrubbers, mops and carts, to OSHA compliant safety and sanitary gear. When we’re done, your staff will be a team of lean, mean cleaning machines.

  • Meet all your cleaning needs with our full selection of products for restrooms, kitchens and industrial facilities
  • Keep ordering quick and convenient with a flexible single-source supplier
  • Tailor your supply fulfillment to your specific needs with consultation from our product and service experts
  • Set par levels to manage inventory and keep it lean

Innovative IN Your Facility:

With a carefully curated product selection and everyday competitive prices, Innovative is your one stop for a more efficient clean.

To learn more about how we can streamline your cleaning products inventory, contact one of our service support specialists today.