Innovative Becomes Great Clips’ One Source for Training Materials Fulfillment

Great Clips, Inc. provides world-class training to their franchisees and salon staff on an ongoing basis
in 99 different cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to working with Innovative, each Great Clips trainer was responsible for the production of their training materials through local sources as well as a couple of different vendors. Great Clips recently transferred responsibility of all training center copy needs to Innovative’s print on demand solution.

Great Clips

By choosing Innovative as Great Clips’ one source for all their training material needs, labor and material costs are better managed and material inconsistencies are mitigated. Great Clips’ Michelle Sack – VP, Learning and Development says, “With Great Clips relying on Innovative’s staff and copying capabilities, our training program has not only continued to succeed but we have been able to make the jobs of our 45 remote trainers more seamless with one stop ordering and shipping from one vendor. This means a better experience for our trainers, those they train and a significant impact on Great Clips’ bottom line.”

Before working with Innovative, the ordering and receiving of their materials were managed by multiple vendors which was cumbersome and costly. The shipping was sent by multiple shipments incurred for the same training sessions. The production took a vast amount of the trainers’ time. To update materials, Great Clips’ had to coordinate with 45 remote trainers and the quality and branding was inconsistent.

After working with Innovative, the ordering and receiving of materials it is now single sourced at a competitive price. All session materials are combined into one shipment. Trainers are able to place orders online and receive shipping information and materials on time. To update materials, one file is to Innovative saving the trainers time and all materials follow brand and quality standards.

With great efforts from Great Clips and Innovative a trusted partnership was created. At Innovative, we strive to make your workplace more productive!

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