INtern Awards and Year Recap

INtern Awards and Year Recap

As the summer winds down so does our internship here at Innovative.  It was an eventful three months and I can say with confidence that each one of the INterns came away with an invaluable experience.   We were given a phenomenal opportunity to learn more about the sales world and gain skills that will lead us to success in our future careers.  I believe we did our best to fully take advantage of that.  To conclude the first year of the INtern program we would like to nominate each INtern for an end-of-year award and recognize the progress that we have made during the summer.

Most Valuable Intern – Max Smith

There is truly not a more experienced intern in the nation than Max Smith.   Entering his fifth year, Max was primed to repeat as MVI.  His countless hours of cold-calling and willingness and determination to go on as many lunch meetings as possible made this happen.

Comeback Intern of the Year – Luke Trepanier

He returned for a monster year in his second year after finishing runner-up in the MVI race during his rookie-campaign.  Experts considered him to be a shoe-in for the award all year long seeing as he was the only candidate after Max won Most Valuable Intern.

Sportsmanship Award – Peter Burke

No intern has handled adversity with more grace than Peter Burke.  His demeanor in and out of the office is that of a true competitor.  His post-race interview after his chair-racing victory at the Innovative Cup was truly moving.   The man has an incomparable respect for the game and his opponents.  What a class act.

Offensive Rookie of the Year – Drew Bjordal

Drew has gained an impressive reputation all across the Midwest in only his first year.  Geography is no limitation for Drew and he has an unheralded ability to close accounts with his charm and good looks.  He would like to dedicate this award to his mentor and close, close friend, Sarah Johnson.

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Eric Ritacco

Eric’s ability to defend his company against any and all opposing vendors is earth-shattering.  Rumor has it that Eric “The Stone Wall” Ritacco has stopped several companies from tapping into our business simply by giving them a death stare.

JV Intern of the Year – Tony Companion

While he did not play on the varsity team this year, Tony maintained a great work ethic throughout the year.  His hustle and positive attitude were both an inspiration to everyone in the office.  I’m confident that Tony will continue his tireless effort all year and make a case for the varsity squad next summer; he is a true spark plug.

And that rounds out the Intern awards for this summer.  We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that contributed to our blog and helped us out along the way, it was an incredible journey.  I’m excited to see what next years INterns have in store for the program.

Signing off one last time,

The INterns