Minnesota Twins Double Plays for Charity Recipient 2018 | The Phoenix Residence

The Twin’s season is now underway and Innovative would like to formally announce our second Twins Double Plays for Charity Recipients for 2018! This is an excellent initiative raising money for charities here in Minnesota. For the remainder of the regular MLB season, each time the Twins complete a Double Play, Innovative will donate $100 to The Phoenix Residence!


The Phoenix Residence is committed to developing person-centered, quality living experiences for individuals with disabilities. By providing a wide range of independent living support services including 24-hour emergency assistance, in-home family support, and more – they have been able to help thousands of individuals since opening in 1977.

Today, the organization is celebrating their 40 year anniversary and continues to see a future were

  • individuals they support have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to their communities so that they can enjoy full rights to full citizenship
  • provide services and programs that are person-centered
  • innovations through technology are used to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities

Innovative Office Solutions is proud to support an organization making a big difference in our community! Congratulations Phoenix Residence on being selected as one of our Twins Double Plays for Charity recipients for the 2018 Twin’s season!