Minnesota Twins Double Plays for Charity Recipient 2019 | Wild Paws

For the last few years, Innovative has been a proud sponsor in partnership with the Minnesota Twins, of the Double Plays program, which gives back to organizations doing great work in our community. For each double play made by the Twins, Innovative will donate $100 to local charities (up to $2,500)!

We are excited to announce this year’s MN Twins Double plays For Charity recipient for the second half of the season, Wild Paws!

Wild Paws Animal Sanctuary

Wild Paws Midwest Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of wild animals. The team is made up of a collection of animal lovers who are passionate about protecting our resources for today and beyond.

Wild Paws seeks to rescue native wild animals that were kept as pets, used for entertainment, or from non-reputable animal parks and zoos. They also provide a safe haven for animals that were injured or orphaned in the wild!


Congratulations! We are proud to announce Wild Paws as one of our Double Plays for Charity Recipients for 2019!