New Website Feature: Dynamic Stock Check

What if you knew an item was unavailable before placing your order? 

You’ve always had the ability to check stock on an item before ordering, but you had to click “Stock Check” to do so. Now we’ve integrated stock check into the “Add to Cart” button. When you add an item to your cart it will check the closest facilities to you and let you know if the item is unavailable for next day shipping. This allows you to select an alternate item before placing your order; and of course you can always contact Customer Service for assistance.

Our goal with this new feature is to reduce back-orders and improve your experience. Knowing an item is unavailable will allow you to make another selection without having to wait and be notified after you place your order. We hope you find this new feature useful.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Dynamic Stock Check?

A: Stock check has always been available, however it required you to manually click the “Stock Check” button to see if a product was available. We have now integrated stock check into “Add to Cart”.

Q: How does it work?

A: When you add an item to your cart, it will automatically check to make sure we have the requested quantity available in the warehouses closest to your shipping location. If there is enough for next day shipment, the item will be added to your cart as normal. If there is not enough for next day shipment, a popup box will be presented.

Q: Why is this feature useful?

A: While we make every effort to minimize backorders, with an online inventory of over 50,000 products, there is always the chance that an item will not be available. Our goal with this feature is to give you the information immediately up front so you can make a decision before placing your order; rather than waiting for us to notify you later that the item is currently unavailable in your location.

Q: Why do I need to select my Shipping Address immediately after logging in now?

A: In order to accurately check stock, we need to know where you are shipping your order so we can check the closest warehouse facilities to that location. If you only have one shipping address, you will not see this prompt.

Q: What if I need help finding a different product?

A: If the web site informs you that an item is unavailable currently, you can either continue shopping and select a different product that suits your needs, or you can contact our Customer Care team for assistance. Your Customer Care team can help you identify other options that are available for immediate shipment.

Q: If an item is unavailable, can I still order it and wait?

A: Yes. When you receive the popup that indicates the item is not available for next day shipping, you can still add the item to your cart. Our purchasing team will contact you with an ETA for the item, or recommend alternate products that are available for immediate shipment.

Q: I selected my shipping address upon login, why am I being asked again during checkout?

A: During checkout step one, the site will show your current shipping address and ask you to confirm it. At this point you can either change your shipping address, or click “Use this ship to” to proceed with the current one.