Now Available – LampFree® by Casio | Innovative Office Solutions


Is your projector an outdated, clunky, energy-waster that is on its last leg?  Well we may have a solution for you.  Introducing the world’s first lampfree projector with considerable cost and energy savings, an exceptionally long life and minimal intervention – the LampFree® by Casio.

In today’s day and age, the more efficient and energy-friendly we can be, the better.  Antiquated projectors and *gasp* overhead projectors are a thing of the past.  Their upkeep costs too much, bulbs and body wear down too quickly, and they are just a general eyesore.  Their days may be numbered however thanks to Casio’s newest projector technology.

Check out the features of the new LampFree® below – and see how this machine can help you immediately, and in the long run.

Features of LED Hybrid Projectors:

  • Minimal brightness degradation over 20,000 hour lifetime versus 50% degradation over conventional projector’s 2,000 hour lifetime
  • Interactive whiteboard ready
  • Digital and analog connectivity
  • 3D capable
  • Wireless/mobile capable
  • Control ready system
  • Networkable with USB Computerless Presentation
  • 5 year light source warranty


Not only do these projectors come with more features than most standard projectors, their benefits are seemingly endless as well.

Benefits include:

  • No lamps to replace or filters to change
  • Life expectancy of 20,000 hours (up to 15 years at 6 hours per day) of high performance
  • Quick power on and off function also reduces power usage
  • Eco-friendly and mercury free

Casio Hybrid LED-Laser Light Source Projectors are now mercury-free, leaving you free from concerns of proper disposal of used lamps, while helping eliminate mercury pollution. Mercury contamination, caused by broken mercury lamps, can also be avoided and can and make your home, classroom, and work environments that much more safe.


Don’t worry – if you ever have any issues or questions, Innovative will assist in selecting the right model for your needs and will be here for any questions or followup.

Check out the video below and see for yourself the benefits of the new LampFree® Technology by Casio – and visit the Innovative Office Solutions website or contact our Account Executive Christina Boerigter – – for more info!