Post-it® PopNotes – You can no longer claim that you forgot…

Calendar reminders work great if you have to do something at a specific time, but what if you have to remember something at a specific place? That’s where Post-it PopNotes come in.

Maybe when you leave work you have to remember to pick something up on the way home, or when you get home you need to remember to whip up some chili for tomorrow’s pot luck?

Setting a reminder in your calendar isn’t very reliable for that. Perhaps you normally leave work at 5pm, you set a reminder in Outlook that diligently annoys you 15 minutes before, you snooze it a few times, then 5pm rolls around and you pack up for the day. You excitedly hop in your car with visions of settling down on the couch to watch your evening sitcoms and next thing you know you’re home and you forgot to stop and pick up a bottle of wine.

If you’re like me, this happens all the time. I get sidetracked easily and time based reminders just don’t cover everything. Just like I had to pick up bagels on the way to work yesterday. The Post-it PopNotes app on my iPhone basically allowed me to stick a massive imaginary Post-it note on the exterior of the bagel shop so when I drove near i’d remember.

The night before, I scribbled the barely legible word “bagels” on a note in my phone, dropped the pin onto the map near the bagel store and I was in business. Driving to work the next morning my phone beeps right on cue about 100 yards from the store. Of course I didn’t mess with my phone while driving, that wouldn’t be safe, but it was enough to remind me to stop.

So there you go, a new innovation from Post-it that doesn’t involve adhesive of any kind. And if you really want to have fun with it, make your spouse download it too, and you can place reminder notes for them!