Selecting a ship to location online

Why do I have to select a ship to in order to shop for products online? I have so many ship to’s, it’s hard to find the one I need?

Due to our new dynamic stock check feature, we had to move the ship to selection to the beginning of the ordering process. Instead of choosing your shipping location during checkout, you now must choose it upon login. Our new feature will tell you immediately upon clicking “Add to Cart” if the warehouse closest to your shipping location doesn’t have enough in stock to fill your order. To make this work, we need to know where the order will be shipping to.

Quick Tip: If you’re logging into to do something other than place an order, just click any shipping address to proceed. 

If you order for multiple ship to’s there is an easier way to find the location you want to ship to than paging through them all.

On the Right side of your screen there is a Filter Ship to’s box. Type in part of the location name, or part of the address and it will narrow down our options. In the example below I was able to narrow my options from 85 options down to 4.

Quick Tip – to quickly access the last ship to used, you can click on the USE THIS SHIP TO button below the filter box and proceed with your order from there.

 Ship tos 1