Installations & Guides

Installation & Guide Files: 

PC server software help guide: EZ Pass Management Platform User Manual.pdf 

Step-by-step Install instructions: SV1080-W Installation Instructions.pdf 

Installation file: EZ_PASS_setup_V2.3.4.exe 

Instructions for ensuring you have amended version of the software and installation files newest version of the software: Upgrade to V2.3.4 Smart Pass Management Platform Instructions.pdf 

Upgrade tablet EZ pass software version – See page 17 of manual: EZ_PASS_steup_V2.3.4.rar 



Quickstart powering up the device: Goodview – Hardware Setup Guide.mp4 

How to set up hardware in offline stand-alone mode: Goodview – Software Setup Guide.mp4 

Goodview – Management Software Setup Guide.mp4