The Sheridan Story | December Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month

Throughout the NHL season, Innovative partners with the Minnesota Wild to recognize an organization in the community as a MN Wild Charity of the Month. This program provides opportunities and exposure to important charities doing great work in the community. We are excited to announce December’s featured charity, The Sheridan Story!




Over 200,000 children in Minnesota don’t always have access to the nutrition they need to learn and grow. In order to fight this damaging reality, The Sheridan Story focuses on the weekend food gap, when children aren’t able to receive free and reduced meal programs at school.

Not a typical “backpack program”, but a full-service non-profit organization specializing in equipping the community to implement weekend food programs in their local school. The Sheridan Story provides the tools, resources, and expertise required to make an effective and significant impact on child hunger. At the end of each school week, our network provides each child in our program with 4-5 pounds of substantive, nutritious food.

Beyond Food: 
The Sheridan Story‘s goal isn’t simply to eliminate the physical feeling of hunger. Children lacking nutrition experience more difficulties academically, socially, and behaviorally. By providing a consistent and stable source of nutrition, children can focus their energy on improved school attendance, higher grades, and improved test scores; all of which can help lead to positive self-esteem and more.

Innovative Office Solutions thanks you for your great work! Congratulations The Sheridan Story for being December’s Charity of the Month recipient!