Smart Search, New Features to Find What You Need

At Innovative, we strive to provide services that increase productivity. Very importantly, we’ve made enhancements to our search engine that are major steps in helping our customers work smarter, not harder.

So without further ado, we’re thrilled to formally announce a major upgrade to our website search that now uses a world-leading search engine.

Much of the secret sauce that makes a good search is under the hood, but what you will see is the search doing a better job of delivering relevant results. In addition, we’ve taken the opportunity to add some new features that make the searching experience easier and smarter.

We’ll outline some of the new features below, and stay tuned, because we’re not done yet!


Predictive Search

One of the first things our new search does is attempt to predict what you are searching for, and present options that save you time and narrow your search to a relevant set of results. If you’ve ever used Google, you’ve seen this in action.










We’re human, and sometimes we make mistakes! Well, now the search engine is a little smarter and will help make up for typos. Instead of returning no results because you typed “staplr” instead of “stapler”, the new search will try to figure out what you really meant.







Enhanced Product Information

We’ve redesigned our product information page, as well as added over one million new relationships between products. You’ll see this when you click on an item to find out more. How does this help you? Well, in addition to a much cleaner view into the product and its specifications, you’ll also have quick access to products that go with the item, such as consumables, related products, other sizes, colors, and more.

You’ll notice some new tabs on the product information tab. The example below showcases the Family tab. Now you can quickly see what other sizes or colors might be available to choose from. Much like if you opened a paper catalog and looked at a product page.



With our new search engine in place and the new features we’ve rolled out, we hope you’ll find it easier to find the products you’re searching for. As always, we have more features in the works to continually improve the experience and help you be more productive. Stay tuned!