Start Out Your New Year in Style!

Welcome to 2016! With it being an election year, Innovative Office Solutions has adopted the theme of “All In” for 2016.

With that in mind, we’re hoping that you and your company can go “all in” on starting out the New Year in style. What better reason than a new calendar year to spruce up your office with some new furniture or some new work spaces that add both functionality and style to your office?

Hey, don’t worry, here at Innovative, we know that most offices are becoming more budget conscious, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t still be cutting edge.

Enhancing your workplace doesn’t have to max out your finances or disrupt workflow with messy renovations. With design options that span from modern furniture pieces to pre-packaged office-in-a-box options to complete concept spaces, we have the latest products and the right solutions for any size goal and any size budget.Innovative Office Solutions can help you with all of the following “style tweaks” that will stay friendly to your bottom line: furniture updates, office expansions, workplace reconstruction, space re-purposing and sustainable upgrades.

If you’re looking to up the style at your workplace, it’s certainly important to know what the current popular trends are. At Innovative we firmly believe that contemporary workplaces thrive on openness, flow and collaboration. It’s the type of environment that inspires people and turns up productivity. So whether it’s removing cubicles or rearranging your floor plan, Interiors by Innovative can help you transform your office and bring your team to life. Simple tweaks like opening up your floor plan, combining workstations, soft seating, multi-screen environments and flex spaces will add pop to your office environment and done with a touch of style, it will invigorate your staff by providing them with a more accessible, more energetic environment.

Check out our top brands and see how you can spice up your workplace!


Once again, welcome to the New Year! There’s no better way to combat the winter blahs than by adding some style to your workplace. Let Innovative Office Solutions help you with that style!