The Art of Being Rejected

Soichiro Honda once said, “Success is 99% failure.”  If that’s true, which I believe it is, the interns have had a very successful summer thus far.  If a salesman can persuade one out of ten people to meet with him, he’s had a good day.  If that same salesman can convince even half of those people to buy something, he’s had a great day.  And if that very same salesman can convince you, the reader, that this blog is funny, then he should retire with no complaints.

In the spirit of rejection each INtern will share his most interesting cold-call failure (anonymously of course).  Leave a comment with your guess as to who said what for a chance to win four tickets to the Minnesota Twins game on Wednesday, August 29th at 7:10 PM vs. the Seattle Mariners!

Intern #1

“On this particular day my confidence was pretty low.  One woman had already told me that I should dress nicer and another told me that I should never contact their organization again for any reason.  I figured that my day couldn’t get much worse so I walked in to the next building and gave my sales pitch.  Before I could even finish, the gentleman stopped me and asked, “How long have you been doing this?” I said, “A couple weeks, why?”  “That was a pretty bad sales pitch” “…” “Your posture was bad, you didn’t have great eye contact and your voice was monotone” “Can I try again?” “No, I’m still not interested.” “Dang it, okay have a nice day sir.”

Intern #2

“One time a fellow INtern and I were walking into a local business hoping to land an account.  We walk in with high confidence and are ready to sell.  Before we even get done telling the receptionist who we are, and asking if they have ever heard of Innovative before, she yells at us and explains that, “We get more people in here trying to sell us stuff than we have people walking in here to buy stuff.  That’s why there’s a ‘No soliciting’ sign on the door, now get out!”  We said we were sorry and slowly walked out of the office as we tried not to laugh.”

Intern #3

“Once I walked into a computer company and the lady at the front desk was having trouble with her own computer.  She told me that she wasn’t really a ‘computer person’ and asked me to help.  After messing around with her computer for about 15 minutes I finally fixed her problem.  She was very grateful and I asked if she was interested in sitting down for a meeting.

“Yeah, no thanks.”

Intern #4

“I walked in to Brunswick Zone with another INtern and had some trouble figuring out where the front office would be.  The first two adults to catch my eye were sitting behind what looked to be a desk.  I approached them without asking if they worked there – rookie mistake.  Halfway through my sales pitch I was interrupted by one of the adults, “Umm, I don’t work here, I’m just here watching my kids play in the arcade.”

Intern #5

“The cold-call couldn’t be going any better.  The woman I’m speaking with is very receptive to my sales pitch.  She’s giving me great eye contact, nodding her head and seeming eager to hear more.  At the end of my speech I ask her if she’d be interested in getting a free quote and she looks me dead in the eye and says, “You know that your company is our biggest competitor, right?”

Leave your guesses as to which INtern (Max, Luke, Pete, Drew, Eric) said what for a chance to win the tickets.   If you guess all five correctly, you will be entered for a chance to win.  Make sure to leave an email address so that we can reach you if you’re a winner.

-The INterns