The Benefits of Improved Posture | Innovative Office Solutions

You may be reading this while sitting down, and that’s okay.  Modern day office culture promotes personal workstations, provided with nice comfy chairs.  However, if you’re not sitting correctly, you could be doing irreversible damage to your body.  

If since you started reading this blog entry, you’ve sat up more straight – you are not alone.  This blogger just did the same thing.  The following are a few benefits of becoming more aware of your posture – and why you should continue to monitor and correct when necessary.

Proper Breathing

Bad posture creates poor breathing patterns, restricts circulation, strains muscles while creating new injuries, and can zap energy and create constant, low-grade physical pain. 

Freeing up your posture, alleviating the tension in the many muscle groups from shoulders to calves, will also improve blood circulation – which carries oxygen to the brain – keeping those neurons happily energised and your ability to concentrate enhanced.

Increased Concentration

A recent study conducted by Colorado College showed that male students with a more proper sitting posture had significantly higher test scores than students who slouched. Lead study author, Tomi Ann Roberts Ph.D, states “an upright posture makes people feel dominant and successful, which in turn improves their ability to relax and focus on problems.” Interestingly, according to the study, only male students benefited academically from improved posture – whereas proper posture seemed to have little to no effect on women.  This isn’t to say that proper posture in women doesn’t help increase concentration, just that the previously mentioned study found no correlation.

Increase Overall Health

Chronic upper body pain is often due to bad posture.  As you begin to continually improve your posture, you’ll feel less pain and tension all day – and soon begin to realize when you’re slouching.  By doing this, you’re retraining your body to have a more natural posture.  Soon after continuing your conscious effort improving your posture, you’ll begin to feel less all-around body pain

Combatting Poor Posture

There are plenty of products on the market that will help improve your posture over time.  One place you should be extremely aware of your posture is at the workplace.  Being that most of us often times sit for almost eight hours a day, that is a giant chunk of time during which we could be improving our posture.  Ergonomic products should be utilized whenever possible as they make everyday tasks that much easier and other products such as sit/stand workstations give users the option to sit or stand throughout the day.

According to some, “sitting is the new smoking”.  Changing up sitting posture more throughout the day will help activate and stretch different muscles throughout the day.

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