The Road Warrior: Effective Ways to Communicate On the Go

jeff-ramson-communicationSo we’ve pretty well established over the last few weeks that the life of a Road Warrior has plenty of inherent difficulties. No matter how well you plan things out ahead of time, a working life on the road is fraught with the unexpected. Delayed flights, hotel mishaps, eating on the run and lack of restful sleep can all conspire to make life stressful for the road warrior.

The Road Warrior is our July persona here at Innovative Office Solutions and we’ve tried to offer plenty of tips to help make life just a bit easier for those of you who spend way too much time in airport security lines.

One of the biggest frustrations felt by many road warrior folks out there is that they don’t feel like they’re ever up to date on what’s happening at the office. Whether it’s lost time in an airplane or a taxi cab, or simply a slow internet connection from somewhere out of the road, it’s difficult for many road warriors to feel like they can stay “up to the moment” while not in the office.
We feel your pain. Hopefully those back at the office and even some of your clients are understanding of your plight. Even with all of the advancements in technology that can basically keep you on line wherever you are, the road will always conspire to throw some unexpected hurdles at you. That’s just the way it is.

So here we’ll try to offer up some tips on how to effectively communicate while out on the road.

The Essentials

9bcd047c-8b74-4985-91aa-11f9500d7ad5_EssentialLogoSilicon Valley has certainly changed the look of today’s office space. In fact, you don’t even need four walls to have an “office” any more. For the road warrior just about anything that needs to be accomplished can be done with a notebook, a tablet and a smartphone.

With those three items, a road warrior should be ready to office from just about anywhere. Yeah, we know, easier said than done, right?

Video Chats

facetime greenPhone calls have always allowed us to reach out to those who aren’t in the same room as us, but video chatting takes that a step further. Face to face communication lends much more depth to any communication, where body language and facial expressions can say as much as the words can.

Video conference calls allow the road warrior to see his co-workers back at the office, clients in another city, or anyone else who’s involved in the call. Seeing faces for reactions both good and bad, leave much less for interpretation and allow the road warrior far more piece of mind than normal phone calls.

Bluetooth Speaker

bluetoothObviously many of you won’t have the capability to fire up a video chat when you’re out on the road. However, if you travel with co-workers or you’re on the road talking with the home office or clients you aren’t in front of, a portable bluetooth speaker should be a part of your mobile arsenal. The wireless mic and speaker system allow several people to participate in a call.


Dropbox_logo_(2013).svgOne of the biggest frustrations for the road warrior is that computers aren’t perfect. (Some of those aforementioned folks in Silicon Valley might disagree, but they aren’t out on the road to troubleshoot for you, are they?)

Most experienced road warriors are savvy enough by now to know that they have to backup all important files and documents in the cloud. Dropbox allows you to easily access all of your uploaded files from any location. It’s a free service that allows you to store and access material via computer, tablet or smartphone. You know longer have to transfer all of your files to your laptop before hitting the road, dropbox let’s you access them wherever you go.

Charge Devices Without an Outlet

71zjUCPFN2L._SL1500_Life without a charger can give every road warrior more headaches than constantly switching time zones. Mobile devices have certainly made life on the road easier, but there’s a reason you always see people huddled around outlets at every airport gate. Power is essential while on the road and nothing can stress out a road warrior more than seeing his bars or his power percentage getting too low.

Products like Jackery allow you to power your devices without an outlet. It’s not easy to keep all your devices powered and you never know when a certain file or phone call will drain you unexpectedly. Having a way to re-charge on the go certainly relieves a lot of stress.

Life can be tough for the road warrior. There’s an inherent set of problems that come with working from the road, and as much as technology has improved working on the road, it’s also risen the expectation levels that bosses expect from road warriors.

Put your best foot forward as a road warrior by adding gadgets that will save you a ton of time and angst. And remember to get your sleep!