Top 5 Worst Ceremonial First Pitches | Innovative Office Solutions

Minnesota Twins First Pitch

Let the following be a lesson to you.  If you decide to sign up for the chance of a lifetime – to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Minnesota Twins game – try not to do any of the following.  You would hate to make 2015’s list of worst first pitches, wouldn’t you?  So sign up for the contest and take note!


5. Billy Murray

This one isn’t so much bad, as it is completely unorthodox and awesome.  Known for his antics and overall coolness,  Murray decides to put his base running skills to the test before throwing out the first pitch.  The crowd loves it, the announcers love it – only further adding to the cool allure of Mr. Murray.


4. Charlie Brown

Good Grief is right!  Now, to be fair to the person in the giant mascot suit, this was probably in the dead of summer in a very immobile suit, and they may not be too familiar with the sport of baseball prior to throwing this first pitch.  The Pirates mascot reaction is priceless, though!


3. Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is mostly known for his talents on the track.  You may remember, or are still trying to forget, his rendition of the National Anthem.  Wherever his true talents may lay, they surely weren’t meant for the baseball diamond – as proven in the video below.  You can’t hate him for trying!


2. Carly Rae Jepsen

Ms. Jepsen is the genius behind the ear worm “Call Me, Maybe”, the gigantic 2012 hit.  The song is a perfect representation of Jepsen’s spunky, poppy abilities – which, as displayed in the video below, don’t translate at all to the baseball diamond.  You tell us: Do you think she should she stick to pop music?  Oh, and, sorry for getting that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


1.  Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

Well what can be said about this that the video doesn’t clearly show?  This is number 1, or the worst, for a reason.  Lets give Mr. Mayor the benefit of the doubt – he probably had a million other mayoral things on his mind, and the last thing he was going to worry about was proper form for a ceremonial first pitch.  Mallory has since left office, and by all accounts was a pretty good mayor.  But based on his pitching, maybe he should stick to politics.


Hopefully, along with having good laugh or two, you’ve learned what NOT to do when you win the Innovative Office Solutions and Minnesota Twins contest.