Video Integration is Here- Learn More About the Products You Love!

Innovative strives to provide services that increase workplace productivity. In October of 2014, we implemented Smart Search, a website enhancement to help customers work smarter, not harder. This world leading search engine has been an extreme success in making an ease for online ordering. But with our company’s mission to “Make Your Workplace More Productive,” we seek to excel in providing you with resources and solutions to make your online ordering experience an even greater success. So without further ado, we have added another feature to our ordering website!

Announcing – We have integrated video footage on our ordering website. We now have over 2,500 products that incorporate video footage on the product information page, and the best part is – we have more to come! This feature will allow you to gain a better understanding of different capabilities pertaining to the product by watching the solution at work.

To watch the video, follow these simple steps. 

When you click on the product details, an image and description is displayed.



Then, simply click “watch video.”


A video box will pop up and play the informational clip.


It’s that simple. We hope you enjoy this new feature to the website! As always,we have more features in the works to continually improve the experience and help you be more productive. Stay tuned!