Walk The Line to Nash Bash

If you know anything about Innovative you’ll know we believe strongly in Workplace Wellness and we like to practice what we preach. From daily workouts in the office to sit-stand desking, we like to get our people moving and keep productivity dialed up to 10.

The latest adventure in movement culminated in Nash Bash. A pot luck, karaoke, guitar hero, grand ‘ole party designed to celebrate 95 employees walking all the way from our Minnesota headquarters to Nashville Tennessee. OK, so we didn’t -actually- walk there, but we might as well have!

IMG_20150820_124308148Each year to coincide with an annual employee incentive trip (Nashville this year), we make up teams of five, grab our pedometers, and see who can rack up enough steps to make it to Nashville inside of ten weeks. Score is kept on a big map throughout the summer with a close eye on who is leading and who is lagging. 19 teams of five all steppin’ their way to the music city.

With team names like Stagger The Line, Red Hot Chili Steppers, Inergizer Bunnies and The Hillbilly Hikers, you can be sure a lot of fun was had when they all got together to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

Awards were given out for best pot luck entry and best pot luck presentation, then the eating started, the beer began flowing and well…. something barely resembling singing occurred.


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