Who’s Ready for Golf Season? | Innovative Office Solutions

With summer right around the corner, golfers are starting to take to the links. Whether you’re hosting a golf event, or have avid golfers as clients, what better way to generate more buzz and visibility for your brand than branded golf essentials?  

Let us help you with the Top 5 golf essentials to put the swing in your brand!


1. Balls-  Every golfer needs this essential.  Whether the golf ball

flies 7 yards or propels in the air reaching 200 yards, your brand

can be spread all over the green…or pond!

new golf balllls

2. Tees & Markers-  Every time a golfer reaches into their bag, their

spot is marked with your branded products.


3. Towels-  This item will have your clients carring your brand

all over the course!




4. Apparel- From hats to Polos, we have all of your clients sporting trendy

golf attire with your personalized logo.




5. Awards-  Perfect for Golf Tournaments! Present your winners

with these unique glass awards that will have them bragging for years.


We imprint your company logo and information on any item of your choosing – great for business golf outings, holiday gifts to customers and vendors, or for your personal collection. Planning a tee time with a prospective client?  Leave them with a parting gift of a few golf balls, golf tees, and a golf towel.  If they’re an avid golfer, they’ll remember you each time they hit the links.

For more information on the products we carry and how Innovative can help your golf game, contact your Account Executive or call 952-698-9116 today!