Helping Paws | Charity of the Month

Throughout the NHL season, Innovative partners with the Minnesota Wild to recognize an organization in the community as a MN Wild Charity of the Month. This program provides opportunities and exposure to important charities doing great work in the community. We are excited to announce January Charity of the Month, Helping Paws!


Helping Paws is a leading nonprofit organization that breeds, trains, and places assistance dogs with people who have physical disabilities and veterans and first responders with PTSD. Founded in 1988, Helping Paws accredited by Assistance Dogs International and meet the standards of the Charities Review Council.

Helping Paws stays abreast of industry trends, unique opportunities, and community developments to ensure they meet the needs of the people served and the dogs that are respected and loved!

Helping Paws dogs are at work in the community and more are training to join them. What does this mean in daily lives? It means veterans who can sleep through the night or drive children to school with less distress. It means countless keys and phones retrieved, gloves removed, doors opened and lights turned on for those who cannot accomplish such tasks alone. It means changed lives.  

Innovative Office Solutions thanks you for your great work! Congratulations Helping Paws for being January’s Charity of the Month recipient!