A Year In Review | Gold IN Globe Awards

Throughout 2018 we have had a fantastic time awarding Gold In Globe Awards to organizations that demonstrate outstanding office productivity and fit the mold of our Gold In Globe categories. See winners below and click on each month’s recipient to learn more!


Healthiest WorkplaceEagle Brook Church
Most Teched-Out WorkplaceInterstate Companies, Inc
Best Branded WorkpalceEPIQ Partners
Best In StyleMidWestOne Bank
Safest WorkplaceKraus Anderson Construction Company
Best In CommunityBell Bank
Best In OrganizationEvereve
Best In SwagBraun Intertec
Evolution of StyleFactory Motor Parts
Most Sustainable WorkplaceSt. Paul Saints

Along with our Gold In Globe Award winners, we also recognized workplace superstars by collecting monthly nominations for an array of categories. Thanks for playing along. Be on the lookout for the launch of our new theme that will be revealed in January 2019!